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Document Storage - Client Solution Profiles

We provide a wide range of facilities and services to our clients. Listed below are a number of client profiles that have specific business needs - all met by Ingram's Document Storage and Archive.

Example 1 - Local firm of solicitors

A local chain of lawyers/solicitors use our facilities and services to manage their long-term storage requirements. We provide a regular collection and retrieval service to any one of their local branches. Some contents are scanned for easy reference and retrieval.


  • Open Plan racking with narrow boxes for easier access to files.
  • Fire Safe holding Hard Drive - backup data.



  • Scanning of archive box/file contents.
  • Collection & Delivery of individual files and archive batches to various offices/locations.


Example 2 - NHS Service

An individual NHS service holds a number of current and historic archives of service clients.


  • Secure (Padlocked) Containers holding archive boxes and smaller boxes.



  • Barcoding & Inventory - Some resources that come into our facility a required to be barcoded for unique identification purposes as well as a full file-history maintained regarding the access, retrieval, collection, destruction of any related resource/document.
  • Retrieval and Collection - individual file and archive box operations carried out amongst numerous sites.
  • Destruction (Shredding) - secure destruction carried out under direct instruction of authorised service manager. A destruction certificate is provided upon completion of the operation - required for GDPR purposes.


Example 3 - Architects

A local architect hold archive and documentation in our secure storage containers. These archives are accessed infrequently - typically yearly.


  • Secure Containers customised to hold larger boxes and large-scale drawings/plans (held in long cardboard tubes) on one side and racking on the other side - holding archive boxes.



  • Collection & Delivery of individual files and archive batches to single office/location.


Example 4 - Opticians

A mixture of containerised storage and filing cabinets holding their company archives.


  • Secure Containers with standard shelving/racking allowing the storage of standard archive boxes.
  • Padlocked Filing Cabinets holding alphabetical archives of prescriptions, examinations, etc.



  • Collection & Delivery of individual records and archive from three separate shops/locations.


Example 5 - School Confidential Archive

Containerised storage holding their organisational archives - typically added to yearly.


  • Secure Containers with standard 3 tier shelving/racking allowing the storage of standard archive boxes all the way around the sides.




How Ingram's can meet Your Document Storage and Archive needs

We recognise that every business and organisation is unique and has different needs for its various type of dynamic and static archives. When space and security is a premium, you can rely on Ingram's to solve your document storage problems with a unique blend of facilities and services tailored just for you. Contact us to talk about your storage and archive requirements.

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