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Document Storage - Services

To provide efficient and effective storage we have a wide range of services that our clients can utilise. These include a number of on-site, offsite and transfer operations which can be combined to provide a complete archive storage service.

Document Archive Service - Collection Collection

With our fleet of flexible and purpose built vehicles we can collect consignments of documents - from a single file to whole archive sections. All your documents can be retrived from your location(s) and brought into our stores.

Very sensitive data sources can be protected in a number of ways: Lidded crates with seals. Dockets with seals. One-time seal envelopes.

Signature of collection - including any seal/security details are signed for by both the client and our collection driver. We ensure site-to-storage security and the integrity of the file trail - as stipulated by GDPR legislation for documents that are considered data sensitive.

Document Archive Service - Delivery Delivery (Retrieval)

There are occassions when clients require specific documents to be retrieved from our storage facilities to be delivered at one of their offices/locations.

As with collection, we can provide a complete storage-to-site security chain for the delivery of documents. Signature on delivery by a designated person ensure the client's file trail integrity - as stipulated by GDPR legislation for documents that are considered data sensitive.

Document Archive Service - Destruction Destruction

Once certain documents have reached their indicated retention period, it is appropriate for them to be processed accordingly. This often means the destruction of a batch of associated records which serves a number of purposes:

  • Complying with GDPR requirements for the appropriate retention of data
  • Saving space and reducing costs of storage

Secure Shredding - We have a process that ensures that sensitive information is destoyed - as required by all major organisations. A chain of secure handling of documents is maintained from leaving our archive storage until they are physically shredded by our agent.

Destruction Certificate - Upon completion of the destruction of an archive box (or set of boxes), we can provide a destruction certificate from our nominated destruction agent to provide proof of the completed operation - providing evidence for the GDPR and other Data Protection and company policies regarding the retention and disposal of sensitive information.

Document Archive Service - Barcoding and Inventory Barcoding & Inventory

On receipt of your boxes at our document/archive stores we can provide a barcoding and inventory service that provides a unique identifier for your archive boxes; quite often we find that clients do not have a clear or standard labelling/naming system so we index then individually and link these with any client names provided on the documentation boxes/files.

Reporting - Once the files are barcoded and the contents inventoried, the records can be entered in our archiving database. This provides us with a number of functions that assist us in our own and our client's operations:

  • Searching/Retrieval references - lists of barcodes and references can be produced for a client
  • Document/Archive activity recording - from the moment archive is brought in we create an audit trail that holds details of the archive and can log all of the activity that happens with a specific resource.
  • Reporting - a number of reports help iour clients to manage their archive resources - including full archive file trails, destruction due report and resource locations.

Document Archive Service - Packing Packing / Unpacking

To help our clients make the best of their Archive Strorage we can help by packing their documents and archive into any storage files/boxes that they require. Contents and indexing can be undertaken during this process to make easy searching and retrieval possible.

Document Archive Service - Scanning Scanning / Digitisation

We offer clients the option to scan/digitise a selection of resources from their archive for referencing purposes. These can include contents and inventories of boxes in a full archive down to an individual page from a specified resource. These can be sent to clients via a number of secure channels that allows our clients to access parts of their archive without physically attending the archive store in person.

Document Archive Service - Packaging Box Supply

At Ingram's we deal with a large range of documentation, archive and other storage requirements. There are a large number of packaging materials we utilise and supply to clients that are appropriate for both large and small scale archiving. The most popular is our Archive Box/Carton that allows many documents/files/folders to be placed inside. These fit efficiently into all of our storage facilities including container storage and shelving/racking.

For a full list of our document and archive packaging supplies see our Packaging page. 

Document Archive Service - GDPR GDPR

With the implementation of GDPR regulations in May 2018, Ingram's have met and provided evidence of their compliance to all areas of the legislation. Any new client has the same assurances that we provided to our existing clients regarding the compliance of our Data Protection policies and procedures. We also require clients to sign up to our GDPR policies to ensure the integrity of their own and other archive. All sub-contractors are GDPR compliant and are contractually obligated to maintain the integrity of any of client's data.

Our work continues to implement and improve on the Data Protection procedures and safeguards.

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